Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Balanced Prayers

There are times when my prayers start with Please GOD, followed by Please Help me, continued with Please save me, almost pleading to Please Rescue me, to Please arrange.... do you see where I am going with this?  Not yet, well let me try to explain it differently by writing out what one of my imbalanced prayers sounds like:  "LORD JESUS, I  have messed up once again, and I need you to please help me NOT to do that.  Please forgive me, and please don't leave me, as I feel so utterly weary and weakened. Please help me to..... blah blah blah blah blah..... Basically, I pretty much tell HIM, Hey GOD if you have some time to spare for me, please help me, save me, rescue me, be with me, please, please, please, please..... 

HIS Daily Teachings today is really convicting me of letting go of my incessant need to pray imbalanced prayers.  HE is wanting me to know that HE hasn't been teaching me this last year about HIS plan and HIS purpose for my life, and what that means for me, just so I can back track, and fall flat on my face, and begin to pray "please" prayers.

HE is telling me that the days where I being my prayers with "please" are over.  Today HE is teaching me the right way to come to HIM in prayer, and HE is doing it through my current read by Bill Hybels titled "Too Busy NOT to Pray."  

HE is telling me that HE wants me to be steadfast in my prayers by praying authentic prayers, but even when I "think" I'm being authentic, I fall into the trap of doubting whether or not things that matter to me, actually matter to HIM.  HE is wanting me to know that whatever concerns me, HE cares about as well.  HE is wanting me to know that this is the reason WHY it is written for me to cast ALL of my cares to HIM, as HE is THE ONE WHO cares for me!"  

"Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let  the righteous be shaken." Psalm 55:22

HE is calling me to be all in, in my prayers, by saying, "LORD whatever you are doing in this situation, I wan to be a part of it.  Whatever is breaking your heart, break mine the same, let there be so much more of you in me, and so much less of me." 

There are so many times where I might start out praying something like that, but then guilt strikes, and shame builds, and that is when I pretty much fall of the face of the earth with my prayers.  It is in those times where I "feel" as if though I don't have the right to pray and ask for HIS goodness, HIS grace, HIS mercy, HIS love, as I have made a mess of things once again, and I am too shameful to face HIM.   

"Sensing the carelessness and one-sidedness of your prayers, you begin to feel guilty about praying."  Bill Hybels, "Too Busy NOT to Pray"

It really struck my heart today when I read that, as it describes me to a T, and today I am so thankful that HE knows me so well, and is getting right to the matters of my heart, to show me, teach me, lead me, and guide me straight to HIS open and loving arms.  Today I am thankful HE is setting me back on HIS path, which is HIS will for my life, by teaching me that I must choose to be balanced in my prayers to HIM.

HE is telling me that it is when I "feel" guilty while praying, that is when I stop praying.  HE is revealing to me that the guilt that I "feel" is attached to shame, which causes me to be faint at heart, and ultimately I become weary and weak in my FAITH.  HE is wanting me to know that this is Satan's plan of attack to wipe me off the face of this Earth.  HE is telling me that in order to fight the good fight with HIM, I must learn to pray balanced prayers.

HE knows me so well, and knew that I would "feel" overwhelmed in wondering how in the world do I know if I am praying balanced prayers, which is why HE blessed me with this book so many years ago. This morning HE is teaching me how to set up a prayer routine, and the importance of WHY I need to follow it.

In our home with our five children I have "tried" in vain to keep us all on a routine, however it's been very difficult, as we all have different agenda's of what we would like to be doing, and what we would like to see accomplished.  HE is letting me know that the same goes for my prayer routine with HIM.  

HE is letting me know that I must choose to pray in a way that lets HIM know that I'm all in, that means that I am letting go of my own agenda's and the please prayers are left outside the door.  HE is telling me that HE delights in hearing my adoration for HIM, and I need to start each and every prayer in adoration for HIM.

To me, this concept is foreign, and after reading the book today, I realized that I'm not alone it that thinking. Thankfully HE knew I would struggle, and HE blessed me with the tools I am needing to understand what prayers of adoration mean, and look like for me.

"Adoration sets the tone for the entire prayer"  Bill Hybels "Too Busy NOT to Pray"

"When we commit ourselves to beginning all our prayers with Adoration, we have to slow down and focus our attention on GOD."  Bill Hybels, "Too Busy NOT to Pray"

HE is telling me that it is up to me how I will set the tone of our daily meetings, and HIS Daily Teachings. HE is wanting me to know that this is WHY there are some days that I don't "feel" as though I am really hearing anything from HIM.  HE is telling me it is because I have chosen to pray imbalanced prayers.

"Adoration reminds us of GOD's identity and inclination" Bill Hybels "Too Busy NOT to Pray"

I used to think of GOD as someone in the clouds.  Even in my early walk with HIM, I felt as if though HE was unattainable to me.  I felt as is HE was way too busy to help a hott mess like me.  It wasn't until I starting praising HIM for all HE has done, is doing, and will continue to do through me, in me, and for me, that I really began to fulling grasp and understand WHO HE really is for me.

Today HE is filling me with HIS loving reminder that HE is my FATHER, HE is my Abba.  HE is wanting me to always acknowledge that HE is THE ONE WHO is in control, NOT me.  HE is Omnipotent.  HE is wanting me to always acknowledge that HE is with me always, and that HE is never too busy to be with me.  HE is Omnipresent.  HE is telling me that I must meditate on this knowledge that HE is in control, and HE is everywhere!

I am comforted by HIS loving reminder this morning that HE is always with me, and is always in control of my life, especially in those times where I feel so out of control.  I am comforted to know that though I may be weary and weak in my FAITH, HE is there, and HE is waiting to help me, HE is waiting for me to acknowledge HIM that HE is the only ONE WHO can help me.  I am thankful to know that HE is always fighting for me, and that everything that HE does is for me, and NOT to me.  I am comforted in knowing that HE makes all things come together for my good, and that HE knows and loves me best.  I am comforted that even when I can't figure things out, HIS plan and HIS will have been perfectly written for my life.  

HE is telling me that in choosing to pray with adoration for HIM means that I am to praise HIM for HIS faithfulness, for the fact that HE is Righteous, that HE is Just, and HE is Merciful!  HE is reminding me that anyone else would have packed up and left me by now, in fact there have been people who have packed up and left, in seeing and knowing what a hott mess I am.

HIS loving reminder to me today is this, I am HIS HOTT MESS.  I am comforted in knowing that HE is refining and renewing my brokenness, and is sustaining me, and strengthening and growing my FAITH in HIM through every single test, storm, and trial that I encounter.  I am comforted that this has been HIS plan all along to take my hott mess of a life, and turn it into HIS beautiful message.

"Adoration Purifies the one who is praying"  Bill Hybels "Too Busy NOT to Pray"

HE is telling me that when I come into HIS presence, I become soft at heart, and I breathe easier.  HE is wanting me to know that when this happens that is when I begin to let go of seeing my own agenda be met, and instead seek HIS will, and HIS way for my life.  HE is wanting me to know that is when I am able to let go of my full of desperation imbalanced prayers, and begin to pray strong at heart, soul, and mind, lead by HIS HOLY SPIRIT, bring ALL PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY to HIS HOLY, JUST, and RIGHTEOUS NAME, that is when I will know I am praying balanced prayers.

HE is teaching me that in choosing to utilize a prayer routine in my daily walk with HIM ensures me the stability that when the water's rise, and the storms rage, I will have NO fear.  That is when I will be able to boldly declare that HE is my HOPE, which anchors my FAITH to HIM, that HE's got this, and HE will make everything turn out for my good!

"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure." Hebrews 6:19

HE is telling me that HE delights hearing me tell HIM that I enjoy being with HIM.  HE loves hearing me say, "LORD it is well with my soul."  Which leads me to a memory I have as a little girl in our small church that I attended every Sunday with my Gram.  I remember singing "It is Well with my Soul" and I remember it being one of my favorite hymns.  Although I never really new what it meant, I just loved how I felt, and seeing the smile on my Gram's face whenever she sang it.   

Today I now know what it means, and it's the acknowledgement that HE is omnipotent, in control, HE is omnipresent, everywhere, and in knowing that I shall have NO fear.  HE is always working on my behalf to ensure that I am living HIS best for my life.  It brings me such JOY, PEACE, and COMFORT to know that no matter how bad things get in my life, HIS timing and provision are always perfect.  

"Adoration purges your spirit and prepares  you to listen to GOD."  Bill Hybels "Too Busy NOT to Pray"

"GOD is worthy of Adoration"  Bill Hybels "Too Busy NOT to Pray"

"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him." 1 John 3:1

HIS words bring me such comfort in knowing that HIS love is great, and HE is my HEAVENLY FATHER, that I am the daughter of the KING, and it makes me sing "then sings my soul my SAVIOR GOD to THEE, HOW GREAT THOU ART, HOW GREAT THOU ART"  Which is so cool, as it too was another one of my favorite hymns, and as I loved my Gram's reaction to seeing me sing it with her in church.  So many great memories are flooding my heart today, and I know it is because I have been all in for HIS Daily Teachings today in learning, and understanding what it means to pray balanced prayers, and that it starts when I enter the THRONE ROOM with pure ADORATION pouring, and spilling out of me for my HEAVENLY FATHER. 

"Adoration become a necessity in your prayer life.  You can no longer get alone without it."  Bill Hybels "Too Busy NOT to Pray"

LORD JESUS, I pray that I will always be overflowing with PRAISE and THANKS to you for all you have done for me.  If ever I forget please give me a good GOD smack, and set me back on track.  LORD I PRAISE YOU for YOUR faithfulness to me, in wrecking my heart everyday, to show me what I need to be focused on.  I thank you for taking my eyes off of me, and putting them on you, and your works.  I praise you for another day I get to spend with YOU here on this Earth.  I pray today that those who I encounter will see so much more of YOU and so much less of me,  I love YOU, I PRAISE YOU I thank YOU, in YOUR HOLY, JUST, and RIGHTEOUS NAME, Amen.

Dear friends I pray today that you will have the courage to let go of your own agenda and seek HIM to show you HIS.  I pray that you will see that HIS plans, and HIS will have been perfectly written for your life.  I pray that you will know that in everything HE is there, HE is in control, and that HE is just waiting for you to acknowledge WHO HE is, and WHAT HE has done for you.  I pray that you will be able to seek HIM and ask HIM to break your heart for what breaks HIS, and that you will have the courage to go all in.  I pray that you too will be able to begin your prayers in adoration for HIM, and that you will then start a prayer routine of Balanced Prayers.  

With much love, prayers, peace, and blessings,

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