Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mama Bear

Being a Mama of five of HIS precious children, I often fail to see what my role as Mama Bear really is for my life, and theirs.  For so long I have thought that being Mama Bear means that I am to be fiercely protective of my children, and to go to battle with anyone who may try to harm them by bullying them.  I have always "thought" that GOD has called me to fight for them, but as I am learning with raising my teenage daughters, NOT only do they NOT need me to fight for them, it isn't my place to fight their battles for them.  This is all been a HUGE part of my learning to fear NOT.

"When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." Psalm 56:3

HIS Daily Teachings today is teaching me what my being Mama Bear really means for my life.  It never ceases to amaze me that when someone is offending me, or hurting me how I am so quick to take the high road, and avoid confrontation all together.  However, if you offend, or hurt my children in anyway shape or form, you better be ready for Mama Bear as she is ferocious, and she will fight you, with thoughts, words, and actions, and most of the time they will be unholy and ungodly.  

Whew, just typing that makes me cringe, as HE is taking me back to so many times where I "thought" that being Mama Bear was how I was raising my children, when really HE is teaching me something completely opposite.  HE is letting me know that it was never HIS intention for my children to be fully dependent on me.  Rather it is my job as Mama Bear to teach my children that even though I can't do everything to help them HE can.  

HE is telling me that just as HE is teaching me to fully depend on HIM, I must choose to live my live as HIS living testament of WHO HE is, and WHAT HE has done, and WHAT HE will continue to do in my life, and their lives.  HE is wanting me to know that my being Mama Bear means that I am to love them, and help them, and encourage them to seek HIM, and walk closely with HIM, to give their hearts, souls, and minds over fully to HIM, to know and to trust that HE truly does have their best interest at heart.  

HE is showing me the ways where I have failed to live out my role of being Mama Bear in this way, as often times I become the arrogant Mama in "thinking" that I am the only one who truly knows them, and loves them the best. HE is telling me that I must choose to let go of my "thinking" that my children couldn't possibly survive a crisis without my "helping" them.  HE is reminding me that while I play a unique role in their lives, HE is their ultimate leader, provider, and protector and it is my job as Mama Bear to teach them that.

HE is reminding me that while I may "think" that I, Mama Bear am their sole provider, I must remember that it is my job as Mama Bear to train them up with full and complete dependence on HIM.  I must teach them that HE is the only one WHO will be their in every single one of their crisis's and times of need.

This morning HE is taking me back through a hard lesson that HE taught each of us through our oldest daughter.  When she was thirteen she endured the most tragic event that has ever happened to her.  During that time D and I were so immersed in our own tests and trials, that we weren't there for her, and honestly we didn't even see that she needed us.  Through her words, she told us the story of when she realized the harsh reality that her parents weren't going to be the ones to help her through this crisis.  As the tears streamed down my face that day, and are this morning, through her words, as they replay back to me this morning, I now know and fully understand that this is when she truly learned what it meant to fully depend on HIM.  

She let us know how HE took her through the event and showed her where HE was.  HE lead her through an amazing journey of forgiveness, and taught her the greatest lesson of FAITH that she has ever endured.  Through her bravery to share her story she was able to overcome it all through her loving LORD and SAVIOR.  When she finished sharing her story, she looked right at me and said, "Mama I was able to make it through all of this, because I knew I could trust and depend on GOD, because that is what you have always taught me."  

When the reality hit of the most horrific event that she has ever endured, I was astonished by how calm, and peaceful I was.  I was completely taken aback of how Mama Bear didn't lash out and try to blame someone for NOT protecting her precious little cub.  It was amazing to me that I didn't try and seek revenge, and plan the demise of someone else's life, by allowing myself to be emotionally lead and letting Mama Bears ferocious teeth bare to anyone and everyone that was involved.  

HE is reminding me of her words this morning to let me know that this is what my role of being Mama Bear really means for my life.  HE is wanting me to know that I must never underestimate the value of my life's challenges and what they mean for my children, as they are witnessing to how I choose to handle things, and how I choose to seek HIM, and ask HIM to help me overcome every single one of my life's challenges.

HE is wanting me to know that just as it is my role to be Mama Bear, it is also my role to honor my children by modeling what a GODLY marriage looks like for them.  HE is letting me know that my children are watching my every step, and holding on to my every word that I speak about their Daddy, therefore, I must choose to guard my thoughts, and tame my tongue, so that when they too are in relationships with their spouses they will be able to do the same.

HE is wanting me to know and understand that just as I myself endured tragedy as a young girl, and made it without my parents, my daughter has as well, but the GREAT NEWS is that she has her LORD and SAVIOR, of WHOM she chose to make LORD of HER life at the young age five, and after tragedy struck rededicated her life to HIM at fourteen.  HE is telling me this is because of my role as Mama Bear that HE has been working through me to reach her since she was two years old.  

HE is teaching me that fear NOT means that I must choose to live this way with my life, and also as Mama Bear.   HE is telling me that I must to TRUST HIM, and BELIEVE HIM that HE will protect each of us, and through HIS love and grace we will be able to OVERCOME anything and everything that we encounter.

"The truth is is our children need experiences that teach them to cope without us." Karol Ladd "The Power of a Positive Mom"

HIS loving reminder is coming to me today that NOT every battle is for Mama Bear to fight.   HE is wanting me to know that while my daughter's circumstances were extreme, not all of my children's battles will be extreme, and it is especially important for me to remember that in the little battles, I must teach them to fear NOT, as we know that the storm won't rage for very long, and HE will be right there with us, teaching, leading, and guiding us to victory!!!

"If we take care of every need and are present in every situation how will our children learn dependence on GOD?"  Karol Ladd "The Power of a Positive Mom"

This is hard for me, as I feel as if though I am abandoning them in their time of need.  This is especially true when someone is hurting them, or their feelings.  I become Mama Bear and quickly prepare myself to go to battle for them.  However, I am learning that my job as Mama Bear is to love and encourage them to seek HIS will and HIS way for their lives.  To ask HIM to lead them through the crisis, and to be there for them to do the victory dance with them when they do overcome and win the battle when they choose to fight the good fight with HIM!

"Sometimes we "wonder moms" need to humble ourselves and get out of the way."  Karol Ladd "The Power of a Positive Mom"

HE is telling me that in my quest to be Mama Bear I am failing to to remember to teach my children that HE has everything already worked out for our own good.  Therefore, I must choose to fear NOT through my FAITH in HIM, and TRUST and REST in HIM that HE is there, and HE will help us through everything that HE is leading us to.  HE is letting me know that it is NOT my job to live out my vision of being Mama Bear through all of their problems.  Rather, it is my job to live out HIS vision of being Mama Bear to my amazingly precious five children.

"Mothers have one of the most powerful jobs on Earth.  With GOD's help, we can influence our children to become world leaders, talented inventors, creative musicians, great athletes, passionate preachers, devoted school teachers, committed physicians, and the list goes on." Karol Ladd "The Power of a Positive Mom"

Never before has my role of being Mama Bear been more evident mean to me.  I am learning that it is crucial that I choose to let go of their hand, and allow them to walk their journey with HIM.  I must choose to fear NOT when the time comes that HE asks me to let go of their hands, and TRUST HIM completely that HE truly does love them and know them best, and that HE does indeed have great, and amazing plans for their lives.  

HIS final reminder to me about being Mama Bear is this:  I am to train, nurture, develop, prepare, and teach HIS precious five children that HE has chosen to place in my care.  This means that HE has entrusted me with these precious five lives to teach them how to run after HIM, and fall straight into HIS loving arms.  To know HIM, and to BELIEVE that they too can fully depend on HIM with every single area of their lives. HE is wanting me to know that when my time on Earth here is through, and they will have to face this cruel harsh world without their Mama Bear, they will remember their Mama and all that she taught them about love, and life, and how HE will help us overcome anything through our FAITH in HIM.  HE is wanting me to know that is when I will hear as I come face to face with HIM, "well done good and FAITHFUL servant."

As I typed out today's blog, I fought back so many tears, as I am so incredibly honored and blessed to be Mama Bear to my amazingly precious five children.  I am in constant awe of their incredible resilience to our life's challenges, and how they in my times of weakness remain incredible pillars of FAITH for me to know that I truly am training them up right.  I never imagined myself as someone's Mama, and I am so incredibly thankful that I get to be theirs.   

To my wonderful children:  I promise to always love you, support you, and encourage you to chase after your dreams (not my dreams for you.)  I promise to never let my fear be placed on you, and to push you further into your LOVING SAVIOR's arms.  I promise to always speak HIS truth to you, and to be sure that you are writing HIS promises deep into your hearts.  I promise to model what being in a GODLY marriage means, so that you too will one day have a GODLY marriage. I promise to always pray for you.  I promise to always be your greatest cheerleader, and biggest fan!!!  I promise to be your Mama Bear just as HE has always intended.  I am so blessed to be your Mama, I love each and everyone of you with all my heart.  Love always, Mama

Dear Friends, I pray today that when you are feeling fearful, that you will remember that with HIM there is nothing to fear.  I pray that you will have the courage to seek HIM, and ask HIM to help you in your time of need.  I pray that if you are hurting, and are in an what seems impossible situation, that you will know that HE is there, and HE cares for you.  I pray that HE will fill you with HIS peace, HIS love, and give you HIS comfort to know that HE has already fought the battle for you, and that you can fully depend on HIM.  I pray that if you don't know HIM, or don't have a relationship with HIM, that you will repent of your sins, by saying your sorry, and ask HIM to come into your life as your LORD and SAVIOR.  I pray that HIS blessings, and favor will be poured over your life through your obedience to HIM.  

With love, FAITH, and many blessings,

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