Sunday, July 27, 2014

tomorrow is NOT today

So I have this problem, I, Heather, too often worry about everything!  I worry about what our family will eat, clothes they will wear, school supplies, will we have enough for living expenses for the month.  What about what house we will live in next, where will we live?  Will we ever be able to join a life group at church?  I worry about communication with my husband, my children.  I worry about communication between my husband and children. I worry about my children's future, and will they have a good life.  I worry for my husbands health, and my health, and well then I worry about my children's health as have I passed on to many horrible eating habits to them.   I worry, worry , worry...... wayyyyy too much!  I worry that I worry too much, I worry what I am missing out because I am worrying.  I worry that I won't be able to stop worrying.... okay, so now I'm completely annoying myself, but I think you get the picture.  

HIS Daily Teachings today is HIS loving way of shaking me upside down and bringing me to my knees there after to reveal to me that tomorrow is NOT today, therefore I must NOT worry about tomorrow.  I must be focused on living today, right now, right here in this moment. 

"Any concern too small to be turned up into a prayer, is too small to be a burden."  Corrie Ten Boom

HE is telling me that instead of worrying so much about our future, I need to be praying to HIM about what is on my heart, therefore I will then be able to concentrate on listening and doing what HE is telling me to do. HE is telling me that I waste far too much time on worrying about what tomorrow will bring, that I am totally missing out on living today, right here in this moment, and seeing all of HIS wonderful blessings that HE is pouring over my life, and my families life.  

I had to laugh a little when I started journaling today's teaching, as I realized it was a teaching I "tried" to force the other day, and even wrote almost a whole blog about.  Too my surprise, HE had me delete it yesterday.   In realizing that I began to question why, as I had already typed today's blog, and well of course I know that when I seek, and ask HIM HE answers, and HIS answer this morning is SIMPLY this, "tomorrow is NOT today!"

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34

"Each day contains all we can handle -- we don't need to be concerned about more than today." Joyce Meyer "100 Ways to Simplify Your Life"

HE is telling me that its time I start focusing on today, living today, as it comes, and allow HIM to reveal what HE is doing in this moment, and let tomorrow come as it will, and know that HE will be right there with me tomorrow, just as HE is today.  HE is wanting me to know that I must surely know by now that HE is always there, and that HE always will be.  HE is telling me that worrying about tomorrow, only brings stress into my life, when HE has been trying to teach me the utmost importance of choosing to live with HIS true freedom by choosing to life with HIS JOY.

HE is wanting me to know that choosing JOY means that no matter what may be happening today, tomorrow is NOT today, therefore, no matter how bad things may be in this moment, I must trust that HE has it already worked out for my own good.  HE is telling me this morning that HE is always working on my behalf, and that HE wants nothing more than to shower me with HIS blessings and HIS favor.

D's parents are visiting with us this weekend, and they have been married almost 46 years this October.  In fact when we celebrate 16 years of marriage, two days later they will celebrate 46 years.  In talking with them about what their secret is to a good marriage, D's mom said, "You never give up, when times get tough, you just never give up on each other."  They are the parents of six children, and sixteen grandchildren, and have been together, since I am always joking with her since birth.  They grew up together in the same small town, and D's dad worked the same job for almost their entire marriage, and retired a few years ago.  With six children I'm sure life threw its challenges at them, and through it all they stayed strong, and stayed together.  D's mom used to always say to me, "why do you worry, as it doesn't do any good to worry, it only hurts you."  How true those words are to me this morning, I must remember that tomorrow is NOT today!

HE is telling me that just as D's parents made it because of their FAITH in HIM, and each other, it didn't matter what today brought, and they didn't live in tomorrow, as they understood that tomorrow is NOT today.  HE is wanting me to know that HE has placed them in my life as a model for D and I to what a GODLY marriage looks like.  Through it all, no matter what keeping HIM the center, and the KNOT, will enable us to live today, right here in this moment, and will give us HIS true confidence so that we won't have to worry about what tomorrow will bring.

HE is reminding me of HIS gift to me and that is HIS amazing grace, that of which enables me to handle whatever comes my way today.  HE is telling me that HE can't and won't give me tomorrow's grace, as tomorrow is NOT today.  HE is telling me that it is imperative that I learn that I can't expect to live a JOY filled life if I am concentrating on my game plan for tomorrow, and totally missing out on living today.

HE is telling me that HIS amazing grace is HIS power given unto me so that I will then be able to conquer each day with victory as I choose to live out HIS true plan, and true purpose for my life.  HE is wanting me to know that whatever it is that I am facing today, HE is with me.  HE is telling me that HE won't give up on me, and HE will never forsake me, and that HIS grace today is only for today.  HE is making HIMSELF heard this morning and that is "Tomorrow is NOT today!!!!!"

" No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us" Romans 8:37

I, Heather must remember to NOT worry about anything, but rather to cast all of my worries, anxieties, and fears upon HIM, as HE is the ONE WHO cares for me.  HE is there and HE will help me overcome today's challenges.  In knowing that, I must understand that just as HE helps me today, HE will do the same for tomorrow.  I must write it on my heart, Tomorrow is NOT today!

" Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you" 1 Peter 5:7

HE is telling me that in order to live today with HIS teachings, I must first seek HIM and ask HIM for HIS Daily Teachings.  In seeking HIM, I must be willing to live out what HE is teaching me today, NOT worry about what HIS Daily Teachings will be for tomorrow, as I am learning that Tomorrow is NOT today!

HE is telling me that when I choose to live in this moment, I won't fear the future, as I know that HE is already there, and HE is already working on my behalf.  HE already has everything worked out for my own good.  I am learning that this is WHY I must choose to put all of my FAITH and TRUST in HIM, so that I will be able to choose to live with HIS TRUE JOY, and be able to rest in the fact that HE already has tomorrows worries handled as well.

Dear Friends, I pray today that you will know that HE is here in your today, walking with you, waiting for you too seek HIM.  I pray today that you will have the courage to seek HIM, and ask HIM to reveal to you what HE is doing in your life, and the live's around you.  I pray today that you will be filled with HIS peace that HE is there, working on your behalf, and that you too will be able to let go of worrying about tomorrow, as you will know that Tomorrow is NOT today.  I pray for HIS favor and blessings to be poured over your life when you choose to live your life with HIS TRUE JOY.  


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