Monday, September 2, 2013


One thing that I have been struggling with for quite some time now is balance for my life.   As a busy Mama to five children, and wife to a hard-working husband, and a faithful CHRIST follower who serves in our church every weekend, I find myself at times feeling "burned out."  Not to mention that D and I are small group leaders for a group that meets at our home every Sunday night.. 

Each week, D and I sit down and talk about what our week is going to look like.  It never fails that by the time we are done talking about the week, we both feel overwhelmed.  As much as we crave balance in our lives, we can never seem to find it. 

This wasn't always true for us, as when our oldest two girls were little, we lived very boring and lame lives.  We didn't go anywhere, and didn't do anything for fun.  I remember getting "dressed up," on the days that D was taking us to Wal-mart.  I can laugh about it now, but back then it was no laughing matter.  Those were the days that I longed for the day that we would indeed have a life outside of the four walls of our tiny little two bedroom apartment. 

Little did I know that just two short years later GOD would open us up to a world of change.  We soon found ourselves surrounded by people who wanted to spend time with us.  Our social calendar began to blossom, and we dove straight into serving projects at our church.  D and I grew so much during those serving projects in our faith and our marriage.

Just this past Thursday GOD let us know that once again we are about to embark on another journey.  A journey that will take us away from everything we know and love.  A journey that will stretch our faith in HIM, and will challenge us to lean on HIM through everything.   A journey that will ultimately change the dynamic for our family.  D and I are embracing ourselves for this impending change, and are doing our best to stop and "smell the roses," and not get caught up in all the business of everything we need to accomplish before our journey. 

This morning HIS Daily Teachings is letting me know that HE wants me to live in the present.  HE doesn't want me to be so determined about my future, and my destination.  HE wants me to trust HIM that HE has it all worked out.    HE wants me to be aware of my surroundings and truly living in each moment that HE has blessed me with.

GOD is letting me know that I must get off the "fast track" of living, and stop and "smell the roses."  HE is letting me know that when I only race through my life, I miss out on so many of HIS miracles and blessings, that HE is pouring into my life.  HE wants me to be aware that NOTHING in my life is possible without HIM.  HE is the only reason I have the things I do in my life.  Therefore, I must trust in HIM that HE has everything worked out for my good.

GOD wants me to live in the present moment.  HE wants me to embrace the season of change I am currently living in.  HE is letting me know once again, that I am to NOT worry or fret about anything.  I must trust HIM!

Today HE let me know that just as I get out of alignment with my spine and have to seek help from my Chiropractor for an adjustment, HE is the one who can, will and does align my heart by giving me a spiritual adjustment. 

I am learning that my time with my children is so fleeting, therefore I must make each moment I am blessed to spend with them meaningful.  HE is wanting me to make the best of our days together.  HE is telling me to STOP and "smell the roses."  HE is letting me know that I need NOT to rush through my days.  HE wants me to view each day as a gift from HIM.

HE has reminded me once again that nothing can separate me from HIM.  I must seek HIM earnestly and ask HIM to teach. lead, and guide me through every single moment of my life.  HE is letting me know that when I seek HIM I will find HIM.  I am learning that the more I seek HIM the more HE reveals HIS plans and HIS love for me. 

"What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31

HE is telling me that I am to take HIM at HIS word.  HE is letting me know that though there may be times when I "feel" nervous and on edge, when I seek HIM earnestly  I will find my inner peace and stability in HIM.

This morning GOD has revealed to me that HE wants me to seek HIM daily, and HE wants me to ask HIM: "How can I love, serve, and obey YOU in this very moment of my life?"  HE wants me to remember HIS commands so that when I find myself on the "fast track" of my life once again, I will be able to lean on HIM, and allow HIS strength to build in me to carry me through the storms of my life.

HE has let me know that in choosing to be on the "fast track"  I am opening the door to aches, pains, and prayers of tears.  I am learning that the "fast track" for my life is doing things "my way."  HE lovingly reminded me this morning that I am HIS child, and because I am HIS child I am under HIS care and provision.  HE wants me to know that HE will fill me with HIS strength so that HE can complete HIS good works through me.

Once again, GOD has taken me off the "fast track" for my life, and has asked me to STOP and "smell the roses."  HE has asked me to slow down, take a load off, and let go.... and let HIM teach, lead, and guide me through every single moment of my life.

I am learning that HE wants me to have complete inner peace, as HE created me that way.  I tend to forget that I am a living, breathing, creation of HIS, and I HE thinks I am magnificent.  I get so wrapped up in what I "think" is important, that I fail to see HIS magnificent creation all around me.  Today I am learning to live in and enjoy my present life. 

I pray today that you will seek the one who can, will, and does give your life balance.  I pray today that you will stop to "smell the roses."  I pray today that you will take the time to see all of HIS wonderful creations.  I pray today that you will find your inner peace that can only come from HIM by allowing HIM to create balance in your life.


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