Wednesday, June 26, 2013

enduring is not living

For the past few days I have been thinking so much about Power Thought #10 ~ I live in the present and enjoy each moment.  If I were being honest I would say, "I sometimes live in the present, and I "try" to enjoy each moment.  I would also say that there are some moments I don't enjoy at all.  For example, last week when my four year old son was throwing a temper tantrum and I knew I was supposed to remain calm, and help him through it.  However, when he threw a toy at my head and hit me right in my temple, my eyes began to well up with tears, and the doubts started to flow.  "Is this is it?  Is this all I am meant to do with my life?  Just a Mom?  Just a wife?  Just a....."  I was sobbing when my oldest came to my rescue and talked to him about how NOT to treat Mama.  I went to my room and quietly shut my door and sobbed into my pillow.  "Lord Jesus being a Mama is so hard sometimes."  The tears just kept falling, and I stayed in my bed until they stopped.  Sometimes I need a good cry, sometimes I am so busy "enduring" my life, that I am forgetting to live it.  GOD wanted me to know this morning that there are dozen's of things that are a part of my daily life that are what seem boring and ordinary that I can enjoy.  I must choose to enjoy them.

I often find myself trying to spread myself to thin and do "everything."  I know as a Mama I should be delegating things to my children, but then as I didn't have much of a childhood myself I feel "guilty" for asking them to do things that I am perfectly capable of doing.  One area of spreading myself too thin is "multitasking."  I try to make it a point to stop what I am doing to listen to what my children are saying to me, otherwise I will be so busy with what I am doing, that I pacify them by nodding my head and who knows what I am agreeing to.   This is why popsicles are eaten by 9am most mornings.  I get so wrapped up in "enduring" my day, and not living each day.  By not listening to them, I miss out on their joy.  GOD is working so much in my children's lives and even being home with them I am still missing it.  In choosing to be "busy all of the time, I miss out on the many miracles GOD is doing in our lives."  I need to make a decision that I WILL appreciate each moment I am given as they are a rare and precious gift from GOD.

GOD wants me to live each of my days to its fullest and live as though it were my last day here on earth.  Holding my children and telling them I love them.  Building them up with praise.  Honoring them by loving their Dad will all of my heart.  Honoring D by standing behind his decisions and upholding his rules for our family.  Teaching my children that we must honor and obey D as he is the leader of our houeshold. 

I was always taught that you must learn to multitask, however in the past 4 years I have noticed that the more I try to multitask the easier I become frazzled and stressed.  I find myself not even completing one task and going onto the next.  Before I know it I have done a lot of things during my day but haven't completed anything.  Therefore I feel "worthless" and feel like I don't do anything right.  I know that I am my own worst critic.  GOD wants me to slow down and do one thing at a time.  That way HE can teach me and I can enjoy those teachable moments.  I don't want to live my life "enduring" each moment and failing to see all the wonders that GOD has created just for me to see.

"Give your mind to what you are doing" Ecclesiastes 5:1

In choosing to complete one task at a time GOD is building in me discipline and allowing me to enjoy the present moment of my life.  One of the areas I struggle in staying focused is work. I am a stay at home mom, so my job is NEVER done.  Laundry and dishes are always there. Vaccuuming is a daily occurence around here.  Sweeping and cleaning up messes all day long are my life.   I tend to have a "bad attitude" when it comes to housework, as it is everyday and all day.  I don't want my children growing up "dreading" housework, so therefore I must have a balanced attitude towards work.  I must learn to accept and enjoy the mundane tasks I have to complete each day, and I must do so joyfully.  I also must learn when to stop and "smell the roses."  If all I do is stay busy and on task, I miss out on the amazing things GOD is doing in my life.  Just by knowing JESUS is with me, I should be at peace and enjoying the fact that I have been blessed with 5 amazing children and a awesome husband to care for.  How boring my life would be without all of them.  Just having them in my life brings me so much joy!  Just by knowing I have JESUS in my life brings me so much joy! 

Luke 10: 38-42  tells the story of two sisters Mary and Martha.  Martha is said to be "overly occupied and too busy" while Mary sat down at Jesus' feet and listened to what he had to say.  Martha was distracted, but Mary was determined to not miss the beauty of her present moment with JESUS.

"Take a deep breath and slow down and be determined to only do what you can do peacefully and enjoyably." 

"Become childlike in your approach to GOD"

I must listen for HIS word, and let HIM guide me, and not try and figure everything out.  I shouldn't just "endure" my life, rather I should enjoy it!  I should be childlike and wait for HIS instruction, and waiting on HIS timing, and trust HIS provision.  I need to remember it is all for HIS glory and not mine!

"We can learn a lot from watching little children.  They find a way to enjoy everything--- even chores and correction.  They are quick to forgive any offense and trusting people comes easily to them." 

Lord Jesus create in me a childlike heart to trust YOU and to wait for YOU to tell me what I should do. Help me to calm the urge to be in "control."  Help me to not be easily offended, and to forgive easily", so that internal strife cannot take up residence inside my body.

In choosing to trust in HIM I am saying that HE doesn't need to explain the "why" behind everything HE does.  I need to know that HE knows what is best for me, and only HE knows the plans for my life.

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

I want to live a simple life and the way to achieve that is by being able to enjoy each moment.  "Have simple faith; pray simple prayers; be quick to repent; and be quick to receive GOD's help.  Believe that GOD is good"  (ALL of the time) "If you need forgiveness ask GOD for it, receive it by faith, and don't waste your time feeling guilty and condemned."

Friends, I pray for that today you will stop "enduring" your life and start living your life.  That you will live each moment like it were your last.  That you will seek GOD will all your heart and trust in HIM.  That you will slow down and see all of the wonders and miracles that GOD is doing in your life.


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