Wednesday, June 19, 2013

HIS Abundance

Power Thought #8 GOD will meet all of my needs abundantly.  For as long as I can remember I have been a "needy person."  My life's cirucmstances have allowed Satan to direct my thoughts to feeling deprived, self pity, jealousy, envy, with an overall feeling of discontent.  These feelings have wrecked countless relationships with people throughout my life.  My thoughts were distorted at a very young age.  I believe that my families thoughts have been distorted from Generation to Generation.  My earliest memories of abuse start at the age of 3 which continued on until I turned 15.  This abuse has kept my thoughts focused on, "I'm needy" since no one could save me from what was happening to me.  I knew I was different but didn't know how to tell anyone what was happening to me.  I was deemed "unworthy" by most everyone in my family.  Except my Gram, oh how I loved her.  She tried her best to undo the damage that had already been done.  She bought me nice things, and showered me with her love, but it wasn't enough.  It wasn't enough to erase the painful past, present, and for all I could see future.  I was trapped, alone, abused, scared, and hated by so many.  I believe at one point I decided since everyone felt this way about me, then I would make what they were saying about me true.  It was then that Satan took control of my life.  Looking back I can see how much my thoughts and feelings were maniuplated by him.  Satan used so many people in my life to keep me trapped.  I grew up knowing that I didn't deserve anything, and if I ever got anything I was to be thankful, as I didn't deserve it, and frankly they didn't really want to give it to me in the first place.  I grew up with a sense of "unworthiness."  It wasn't until I met my husband D that I received a glimmer of hope that someone other than my Gram could actually love me, flaws and all.   D tried buying me nice things, and I wouldn't let him.  He told me he wanted me to pick out a promise ring, and it could be any ring I wanted.  I chose the smallest ring, and "cheapest," as I knew I didn't "deserve" it.  I have carried this mentality throughout our marriage.  I have always put our childrens needs first, and never bought the things I truly desired.  When I did I had such "buyers remorse" I ended up taking it back and either coming home with something cheaper, or nothing at all.  Most of the time it was nothing at all. 

This past week has been tough for me as I have been reading that GOD desires for me to have nice things.  That it fills HIM with delight to see me happy.  That I am to live with an attitude of expectancy.  "I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:13 ~ this does NOT mean to live with a sense of entitlement.  I certainly don't "deserve" anything from HIM, however when I choose to align my thoughts, feelings, and actions to HIS will, HE will meet all my needs abundantly.  Through HIS abundance I will receive a renewed mindset, and be able to help others, as HE has equipped me by fulfilling all my needs.  When I am in want for nothing,  I am able to do EVERYTHING for HIM! 

I know that I need to obey GOD, sew good seeds, and know that GOD will meet all of my needs in HIS abundance. 

Lord Jesus create in me a content heart that believes and declares that YOU GOD will meet all of my needs abundantly. By doing this YOU will create in me a healthy mindset that will allow me to prosper in every area of my life.

I believe GOD has blessed me and used me to bless others.  I believe HE uses this blog to reach others.  I believe I am doing what I am supposed to be doing by sharing HIS Daily Teachings. 

Lord Jesus create in me a persistent heart.  One that seeks you earnestly and knows YOU will meet all of my needs abundantly!

I am in awe of just how much GOD loves me that HE is always capturing my heart, and teaching me that I am "worthy" and just how much HE blesses me, and uses me to bless others.

Lord Jesus, I pray for the hearts that read this today will be renewed with persistence Lord.  That they will choose to align their thoughts and feelings to your will.  Father I pray for any agreements that were not from you to be broken, and thoughts to be rebuked.  Father I pray that they know they are "worthy" and you will meet all of their needs abundantly.  In Your Holy Name, Amen.

May your day be full of health and prosperity my friends,


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