Thursday, November 7, 2013


In my journey towards wholeness I have found myself with a longing for complete and total freedom from the bondage I feel in my life.  It never fails that each time I feel myself going to the next level of my faith, something happens.  

In February of 2011, I was a part of a prayer ministry training class.  I was learning more how to open myself up to be lead by HIS HOLY SPIRIT, and how to pray for others.  I was on FIRE with my faith, and my future was looking incredibly bright.  By the end of the month I had found out that I was pregnant for the sixth time in my life, and although it was a total surprise, I was excited.  I began to pray for the precious little life within me, and began to dream about what this little one would look like.  Sadly, just two short weeks later I would miscarry, and all of my hopes and dreams for that little one's life were washed away.

At first, I tried hard to stay right where I was in my walk with HIM, but the more I tried, the harder I fell.  Day after day I fell further and further away from HIM and HIS calling for my life.  Before I left that church I purchased a book that my prayer ministry leader told me about.  Six months after buying the book I "attempted" to read it.   However, I only made it through the first chapter, and honestly couldn't tell you a thing about it.

HIS Daily Teachings today has let me know that for the past two years HE has been equipping me with HIS strength to be able to read, and understand this book that HE has blessed me with.  So today I began my bible study with the book titled:  "When Pigs Move In." by Don Dickerman.  Just the quote on the cover makes me know that this is the "more" that I have been searching, longing, and yearning for.  

"How to sweep clean the demonic influences impacting your life and the lives of others."

As I read that quote, I knew that this is what I have been equipped for.  This morning I called my soul-sister A and told her about the book, and what I felt GOD was telling me HE wanted to teach me, and asked her to pray for me.  I know that this book is what I have been called for and what HE has equipped me for.

HE has revealed to me today that no matter how much I pour myself into HIS word, I will still be in bondage without HIS anointing.  Now this would have been impossible for me to understand, had I not received HIS Daily Teachings yesterday.  I am learning that without HIS anointing I will be unable to function in my daily life.  I won't be able to escape the bondage that is keeping me trapped.

This morning through the prompting of HIS HOLY SPIRIT, HE has revealed to me that I have the power within me to break that bondage, to rebuke it, and to cast out the demonic influences in my life.  I know that HE is teaching me this so not only will I be able to cast them out of my life, but out of the lives of those who I come in contact with.  GOD is wanting me to know that HE is equipping me to be so much more of a prayer warrior than I could have ever imagined.

As I read through the first chapter this morning, the authors word's really resonated with me, "I wanted to make a difference but seemed to be having little success."  The more I write this blog everyday, the more my yearning for lives to be touched grows.  I know that HE has called me to write this blog, beyond what I "think" I am writing it for.  

HE has shown me through the stats of the blog, just how my words, which are being lead by HIS HOLY SPIRIT are touching, and changing lives of others.  I am in constant awe how each time a new country begins to read HIS Daily Teachings.  HE has revealed to me that my purpose is to go beyond speaking HIS word, and telling HIS truth, but rather to be a world-changer, to make a difference, to be a deliverer.

WOAH!!! HOLD THE PHONE!!! ME? Heather, a horrible sinner, who doesn't read her bible every day, a person who speaks ill of others, GASP!  Who falls into the traps of gossip!  YIKES!  Me, a deliverer?  Um sorry GOD I think YOU have the wrong person!  O.k. so now you know my first thoughts, so now onto what HE revealed to me.

GOD has let me know that this needs to be my battle cry:  "Lord, let me be a deliverer. Like Moses, help me to lead, use me to lead your people out of bondage, and away from the darkness that is trying to swallow them up."  HE has let me know that my words must be HIS words.  I am learning that were I fall short, HE can, will, and does, teach me how to lead.  HE is letting me know that because this has become my battle cry, HE has equipped me with everything I will need to be a deliverer.

The more I heard from HIM this morning, the more questions fell from my mouth.  This morning HE let me know that just as I, Heather extend my hand to help others, HE too will extend HIS hand to help me to help others.  Even typing this, overwhelms me, wow GOD really?!?  Me???  OH my goodness, WOW!

As I journaled I wrote about how all of this is so honoring, and yet so humbling.  I am still in awe that this is HIS calling for my life.  I am in awe that HIS purpose is this BIG for my life.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that HE would use me in such an extraordinary, mighty, and powerful way.

HE is wanting me to know that I need not to worry how all of this will come to frutition, but rather TRUST HIM completely, and DO whatever HE calls me to DO!  HE is reminding me that my strength comes from HIM, HE is the only source of my strength, so I must rely on HIM.  HE is wanting me to know that because I have been anointed by HIS HOLY SPIRIT I can do anything, and everything HE calls me to do.  HE has let me know that just as HE has healed me, so may people be healed by HIM through me.

I am learning that I have been called to complete the sovereign work of the LORD.  I am being called to experience miracles and not just experience, but to help orchestrate the miracles.  I know that I have been equipped to complete the tasks that HE has called me to do.

Just as I read in Bruce Wilkinson's book "You Were Born For This"  I know that I was born for this!  I am humbled that GOD is allowing me to be a part of HIS plans.  I am honored that this is HIS purpose for my life.

I can honestly say that I have gone from being a cookie cutter closet Christian, to a On-FIRE, TRUTH telling, LIFE speaking, GOD seeking, GOD honoring, messenger, straight from HIM, lead by HIS HOLY SPIRIT, STRENGTH driven warrior.  I am NO longer a victim or a mere survivor, I am truly a warrior in HIS army.  HE has let me know that HE will overcome, and together WE will overcome!

WHEW!  Just typing that I feel like braveheart right now!  The more I read this morning the more I realized just how much I have changed.  My passion, my need for more of HIM, due to my life spiraling out of control is what changed.  HIS rescuing me and teaching, leading, and guiding me every single step of my journey is what has brought me to where I am now.

I am learning that the more I seek HIM, the more HE is revealing who HE is in me, and WHO I am in HIM.  HE is teaching me exactly who Satan is, and how he works, and reveals his plans to destroy me.  HE has equipped me with HIS power to overcome, and that is what I am going to do!

So friends, I will leave you with this today, I pray today that you too will ask HIM to create a desire in you to know more.  I pray that the more you seek the more HE will reveal HIMSELF to you.  I pray that your passion for bringing HIS kingdom of Heaven here to Earth becomes your number one desire.  I pray that HIS blessings and favor will be poured over your lives when you go where you are called because you too have been equipped for the call.  One final thought GOD told me through my loving Soul Sister M, "GOD doesn't call the equipped, HE equips the called."


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